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What is Flirts4Nerds ?

In April 2016, we launched Flirts 4 Nerds. We have made it our task to build a platform where Nerds can meet and flirt with each other.

You and all other nerds know this problem. You spend a lot of free time in your own four walls, feels nowhere to be properly understood and mainstream is not your thing. Meeting new people is therefore a bit difficult.

Your hobby also takes a lot of time. Every now and then, you get stuck on misunderstandings and outsiders have no interest into your hobby...


Everybody knows the following situation:

A work colleague asks you in the end of the friday evening: "Hey, what are you doing on the weekend?"

You go through everything again in the head and answer: "I go on a raid with my guild or with friends on a convention at the weekend, I'm still undecided ..."

At the moment, your work colleague looks at you questioningly and you see a question mark over his head.

Hmm ... Do you think at the moment and ask yourself smiling:

Does this guy now have a new quest for me or what?

Everybody in this community has the same interests and we are simply different... Admins included of course!


We deliberately distinguish ourselves from the usual platforms, make our own thing and go a completely different way, a new direction... We bind you in, offer incomprehensible possibilities.

The problem has been recognized and we offer the solution!


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