How do I upload a profile photo?

Go to your profile and click on that empty circle. There you can upload the appropriate picture and set it as your profile-picture. You can also use the Photos menu, upload an image and choose a picture as your profile-picture.

Why should I set a profile photo?

The exterior is a first indicator of whether a person likes you or not. This has nothing to do with superficiality, but is a factor which is also important. It is equally important for us to have a certain integrity on our website and we try to prevent fake accounts.

What should I watch out for a profile photo?

It would be helpful to smile or make a friendly impression on this photo. Please avoid bad lighting, several people on your photo, inappropriate poses or "product placements"! Otherwise you can present yourself how you feel comfortable. The image should also be at least 300x300 pixels and the maximum resolution is 2048x2048 pixels.

How long does the verification of my profile photos take?

The processing can take up to 48 hours.

How do I edit my profile?

Go to your profile info page and click "Edit". There you can see your profile details, e.g. header, description, gender, etc.

How do I send a private message to a member?

There are two ways to send a private message to a member 1) Click on the message icon in the member menu and select "Create". Enter the nickname of the corresponding member in the recipient field, where you want to send a message. If the nickname exists, you will be offered suggestions as you write. This will help you find the right nickname. 2) On the member's profile, click "Send message".

Can I view my sent messages?

Click the message icon in the member menu and select "Outbox". This will take you to your post office where the messages and greetings you sent are stored. You can only display messages or just greetings by clicking on the checkbox.

I accidentally removed the wrong message, can I restore it?

Click on the message icon in the member menu and select "Trash". Here you can see all the messages and greetings you have already deleted. Select the messages you want to restore and click "Restore", these messages are then retrieved in your inbox.

How do a VIP membership work?

We decided against a subscription model! You pay once for the indicated price for the selected period, you can use all the features and enjoy also the mentioned exclusive advantages! Learn more here!

A member bothering me all the time, what can I do?

If a member bother you, ignore and block this member if necessary. If you get bothered anyway, you can contact the support at the following email address: support@flirts4nerds.com or contact us. We will respond accordingly.

Why was my account disabled?

We take our terms of use very seriously and make every effort to ensure that all members adhere to these rules. Sexual innuendo, harassment or unsuitable user names. Your account was probably disabled due to violations of the terms of use. If you think your account has been disabled for no real reason, please contact our support.

I have registered with Flirts4Nerds but have not received a confirmation email.

First of all, you should look in your spam folder, possibly our confirmation email has been deposited there. It can also occur in rare cases that the e-mail address can not be reached. In this case, you can contact support.

Why i can`t log in?

Maybe you typed your password incorrectly, or the lock key was active when you entered it. If it still does not work, you can request a password which will be sent to the e-mail address given at registration.

I'm not a nerd myself, but I'd like to get to know a nerd or like nerds. Is Flirts4Nerds the right adress for me?

Of course not only nerds are welcome here. We know that thanks to some series, the present time and many other circumstances nerds are known and also viewed as quite positive. This is a pleasure to us and it is not a question that also outsiders or people interested in this website can find their fun, different announcements and possibly also the right partner!

How do I find the admins or the support?

You can reach us under the contact button at the bottom of the website or on the homepage at the top. You can contact us directly by e-mail (info [at] flirts4nerds.com).

Why should I verify my profile and how?

The verification of our users is very important to us. It is important for us that users feel comfortable on our site... Of course, other members of the site want to know who they are dealing with and therefore we also encourage this openness! For the one-time verification, the ladies get three months free of charge and the gentlemen 350 credits in their account! For example, you can check under your profile or your account! Take a picture and make sure the label with the code and your username and your face are clearly visible. After a short exam, which can take up to 48 hours, your profile will be verified and you will get the credits on your account!

How does Flirts4Nerds protect my privacy?

Our data will only be processed by our accounting department at Mollie in the Netherlands. Otherwise, no data will be disseminated, sold or otherwise put into circulation. Our site has an SSL security certificate and is protected by firewalls and other security measures! Our servers are also safe and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

HHow to pay for credits or membership, and how secure is the payment?

Both are charged with a low, one-off fee that can be paid through most of the common payment methods. All payments are very secure: The personal data of the member are protected. This information can also be read in the Flirts4Nerds Privacy Policy.

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